Why the Name?

It took me almost a year to receive the name for my business. Yes, that long.  I say I received it because it was a gift. I had spent hours looking up different Latin words, playing with different concepts, but I was dissatisfied with every idea.  I knew what I wanted but wasn’t sure how to say it. Words are important.  Words can bring life or destruction. The right words mean everything.   

Despite my frustration and impatience with myself, one lesson kept returning to me.  I didn’t know the answer yet because I was not supposed to know the answer yet.  I was not yet who I needed to be for this part of my life to move forward.  I always trust there is a plan.  So, I waited.  I prayed.  Then one day, it came to me.  I was staring at a list of words and fighting back the aggravation when the answer appeared in my mind. I had my name and it aligned with exactly what I wanted to do. Gratitude overflowed in my heart. 

There are two concepts at play: oils and life.   

Let’s start with the oils. Essential oils are plant-based natural medicine useful for physical and emotional support. They have been used for medicinal and religious purposes for generations upon generations.  Psalm 23 says, “You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.”  Oil is a special thing.  Even if just used for cooking, a little bit will go a long way in making a big impact. 

“Oils for life” means oils support quality of life and a renewal of health,  

“Oils for life” also means commitment.  I am committed to health and things that are life-giving and renewing. 

“With Blair” is an invitation. Let’s do this together.  We are all on a journey, but we don’t have to walk alone.  We all have challenges.  We all need help.  We can be a soft place to rest for each other. 

I want people to feel safe with me.  I want people to know I recognize their value.  I want people to leave their time with me feeling loved. Oils for Life with Blair is a signpost on life’s path pointing to healing and encouraging fellow travelers to keep moving forward because good things lay ahead.  Everything I add to this website and blog come with those intentions. 

The foundation for Oils for Life with Blair is gratitude.  God has gifted humanity with not just the means to support physical health, but emotional and spiritual as well.  Plants are a gift.  Human connection is a gift.  Technology is a gift. Education is a gift.  I am grateful for these gifts and I am grateful for you spending time with me here. 

Meditate on this thought: 

“I life up my eyes to the hills- where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1-2 

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