My Favorite Things…

Balance was my first love in the doTERRA world. I had purchased it for Henry for its calming and grounding properties, but kept it for myself! The combination of tree oils provides emotional support for the day without making you drowsy. Balance is also very effective for nighttime use before bed. This blend is a diffuser’s dream come true. Topical usage on pulse points and the bottoms of the toes provides maximum benefit.

Clary Calm is queen of the castle for me. There are a lot of things I can do without, but Clary Calm is not one of them. This is a twice daily usage product for me. I apply it to my wrists and ankles in the morning and evening. The hormone support provided in this blend of floral oils is calming to the emotions and provides support for female-related issues.

Copaiba softgels are my second favorite doTERRA product. I take two softgels every morning. Copaiba is incredibly high in anti-inflammatory properties and is useful across all body systems from sore muscles to support for anxious thoughts.

PB Assist is the adult probiotic. If you have taken probiotics before, you know they are not all created equal. You know you have something of quality after taking PB Assist for a week. Enough said on that…

Lifelong Vitality has secured its place in my Hall of Fame, but not without effort. I despise taking pills. Because of my prior chronic digestive issues, I would have trouble with any type of medication or vitamins I ever tried to take which explains my resistance to even trying LLV. The main benefits provided include support for pain and inflammation, digestive issues, reduced cravings, improved sleep, and increased energy. This product has delivered on all fronts for me. When you go a day or so without taking it, you will feel it!

Honorable mentions: The Kids Oil Collection. It may seem strange to include the Kids line seeing as I am an adult, but every oil blend in the Kids Collection is highly effective for people of any age. The differentiating factor is that all “hot” oils have been removed from the blends and replaced with oils that have similar healing properties without any risk of skin sensitivity issues as can be the case with children. Of particular note are Stronger and Braver. Their names are not an overstatement. Both blends provide wonderful emotional support for anxious thoughts in times of uncertainty.

Mind and body support are a journey worth every ounce of effort. Being patient with yourself, your body, and the process can yield rewarding results. Let me help you get started finding your favorites!

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