A Promise in a Time of Uncertainty…

Today is my last day to work at my daughter’s school. I love working there, but my life has been called in a new direction. My husband and I are committing ourselves to our bbq food truck business in a full time capacity. My son will be learning 100% virtually this fall. There is a lot of change for me in this season.

Change is thick in the air these days. Can you feel it, too? This past year has brought changes for many- changes in jobs, relationships, finances, health… Where do you fit in this picture? The changes in my life fit into each one of the above categories.

Transitions can open the door to anxiety, fear, and hesitation. Transitions in life can also usher in excitement, expectation, and the thrill of a new adventure. I have found that my response to changes in life is directly tied to the degree in which I am walking in light of promises made generations ago.

I have learned that my response to the unexpected is actually pre-determined each day when I reaffirm the decision to trust God’s promises of protection, provision, and guidance. The Bible instructs us from cover to cover to not be afraid and to know that He is with us. Think about that. Why would we need so many reminders about that? While it may seem obvious to some, I need those daily reminders. We cannot forget that the Bible also teaches us that the enemy comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy.

For years, I allowed fear and anxiety to overwhelm my thoughts and emotions. This is topic I know well. Fear of the unknown began early in my childhood and took root. In the face of uncertainty, I would surrender to fear and the consequences took their toll on my physical health. When I speak about the chronic digestive issues from which doTERRA products are providing healing and relief, I am speaking about how I allowed fear and anxiety to destroy me literally from the inside out. Living in that state has numbered days, my friends. It brings destruction.

Fear is a powerful tool of the enemy. If we are paralyzed in fear, we are not moving forward on the path God has for us. Often times, we are trapped in fear and don’t even realize it. Telling ourselves the truth about being afraid is difficult. It means admitting we need help and feel powerless.

When deviations arrive on our path, we can respond with, “This is not what I wanted. I am unhappy and afraid.” Or, we can respond with, “This is not how I thought my life would be at this stage. There is a new part of my life beginning now and this expected event/piece of news is the threshold over which I must cross to the new chapter. I choose to move forward in faith. I choose to believe God’s promises to me.”

This is the lesson I received after taking back my power. When my physical health crumbled and I could not care for my family as I needed, I made the decision to refuse to allow fear of changing circumstances to dictate the course of my emotional health, my spiritual health, and my physical health any longer.

The above cross is a gift from a friend that I removed from my desk to come home with me. It is sitting on the console in my car and I like it there. It is a visual meditation of from where I want my thoughts, actions, and motivations to come.

As I complete my last day of work today and begin my new chapter, I am choosing to move forward in faith and gratitude. The days of allowing myself to be a victim of unnecessary fear are over. I hope hearing my experience has provided some light and comfort for your path today knowing we are never alone.

Allow me to encourage you with these words:

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

2 thoughts on “A Promise in a Time of Uncertainty…

  1. Beautifully written Blair. Love it. Fear is so much the enemy. >


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