Partnering with your physician…

As crazy as this may sound, I feel it worth mentioning that we as individuals are in charge of our own health. We are all dealt our genetic hand, so to speak, but the rest is up to us.

If you are wanting to explore natural options to support your health goals and concerns, don’t be hesitant to speak to your physician. It is not an uncommon thing to want to use more natural products to avoid side effects and potential addictions that come with other available treatments.

I believe the majority of doctors want their patients to be proactive with their health. That has been my experience. You may think it is inappropriate to question a physician’s recommendation. No one wants to disrespect someone we trust and consider an authority. But guess what… You are in charge of your health. Your physician is the consultant you have hired to help guide you. The fact remains that you are the captain of your team.

As Henry’s mother, I am in charge of decisions regarding his health. I choose with whom I partner for guidance. I am not a victim without options. I do not expect any physician to have all the answers. That is not fair to expect of anyone.

I included my children’s regular pediatrician, and also developmental pediatrician in Henry’s case, in all the decisions I made when exploring natural alternatives. In our situation, the prescription medications my son was prescribed created negative side effects for him that adversely impacted the quality of his life. I felt confident there was an alternative that could serve the same purpose, but without the side effects.

For years, I had been living re-actively to the effects of the medications prescribed and I was ready for something different. I felt like I was chasing a runaway train. I wanted to be proactive about finding a better solution to support Henry. I explained my concerns and received full support. I respected the physicians’ opinions and followed their suggestions throughout the process.

In every conversation I had with Henry’s physicians, they welcomed my questions and encouraged the natural solutions I suggested.

It is not advisable to quit any medication cold turkey. This should be self-explanatory, but people do it all the time! I have been guilty of it in the past. Making sudden switches to your body’s chemistry can set off a chain reaction of issues that will probably not be pleasant.

Work with your healthcare provider and follow their suggestions when implementing something new to your self-care routine. The years of education and training your physician has undergone are a tremendous asset. Thoroughly discuss your concerns. The more you learn, the better able to take care of yourself you will be and the better your physician will be able to guide you.

I guarantee you that your physician is rooting for you to be successful. If you are interested to try natural solutions to support your health, don’t be intimidated to ask questions. You have every right to ask questions and consider alternatives. You do it everyday in the decision making realms of shopping, parenting, and work.

It is important to note that many people do not understand the healing and therapeutic properties available from pure essential oils. Most people know of essential oils as home fragrance items or something to make lotion smell good. If you choose to pursue natural options, make sure what you choose is of a therapeutic grade.

DoTERRA is light years beyond home fragrances. There is no lack of research available on their pure plant extracts and the chemical therapeutic properties. DoTERRA leads with their research. They don’t just label their products certified pure, therapeutic grade without the science to back it up completely. Using any other brand that does not publish their testing procedures and results for the world to see is best avoided.

For every doTERRA product, there is a product information page which details the chemical profile, therapeutic properties, and usage of that item. Check out all the information for Copaiba, one of my favorite oils:

For additional reference, check out doTERRA’s science blog and testing procedures from the links below.

If you are interested to know more of my family’s day to day routine since we made the switch to plant-based medicine, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest where I document what it means to pursue a natural lifestyle everyday. If you are ready to start trying natural options for yourself, here is a breakdown of the best way to get started. Don’t be hesitant to reach out today.

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