Targeted Support at a Savings

Don’t you love when a company comes out with things that show they have some sense? That they are actually paying attention to what their customers want and need AND what will provide the most value?

Friends, there is a new way to save $$$ on products that support immunity, relief, and mind & mood health goals. If you are already purchasing these types of items, this is what you have been waiting for!

If you want to pursue these health goals, this is wonderful and money-saving news! There is no need to be overwhelmed by so many product choices. These kits have been specifically designed to offer the most effective products with targeted support.

Customers may choose one, two, or all three categories and enjoy receiving a different package each month for 3 months supporting those particular goals.

Month #1 for the Immunity kit highlights the On Guard family of products. This blend of pure oils supports healthy immune function in addition to having wonderful cleansing properties. This set includes On Guard protective blend oil, Wild Orange oil, Purify cleansing blend oil, On Guard toothpaste, On Guard floss, On Guard sanitizing mist, On Guard hand wash, a hand wash dispenser, and a neoprene bag.

Month #1 for the Relief kit highlights the supportive properties from the Deep Blue family of products. This blend provides a natural means of relief for bodily discomfort. The first month in this group contains Deep Blue polyphenol complex capsules, Deep Blue rub packets, Deep Blue soothing blend oil, AromaTouch massage blend, a massage ball, and a neoprene bag.

Month #1 for the Mind & Mood kit highlights various products that provide support in handling the demands of daily life. Both the Adaptiv and Balance blends utilize the calming and grounding properties available from nature. This kit includes Adaptiv calming blend roller, Adaptiv calming blend capsules, Balance grounding blend oil, Balance deodorant, and a neoprene bag.

As a bonus, additional products are available as add-on purchases at 20% off the regular wholesale price. Double savings!

Each kit is $75. To participate in this wellness program, customers must have a wholesale account and order through their LRP cart- which means points for FREE products will be earned with this purchase AND shipping will be refunded as points. BONUS again! Click here to learn more about getting started.

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