A unique creation of infinite worth…

Do you believe you are a unique creation of infinite worth?

It is not arrogant to say so.

I’m not talking about the current joke of being a snowflake- unique yet fragile.

Claiming your unique design and infinite worth is an act of strength and validation of what God says about you. It is an affirmation of faith that you are loved and have purpose. It gives you a foundation upon which to stand and to withstand the storms of life.

These thoughts are a continuation of a previous post. CLICK HERE for context.

I believe we come into this world with specific gifts to fulfill specific purposes. No one else can do what I’m supposed to do. I cannot do what you’re supposed to do. We cannot compare ourselves to each other. It is the killer of joy and purpose.

When we get trapped in a comparison mindset, we are forever coming up short and completely overlooking who WE are and that we are like that FOR A REASON.

Continuously focusing on where we fall short at every angle breaks the connection with our original self, our intuition, and what truly fuels us. The negative internal dialogue is condemnation from the enemy. Make no mistake about it.

Have you heard of Gallup? Yes, that Gallup.

They have an assessment called CliftonStrengths, named after the man instrumental in its research. It took decades to develop and they worked with over 2 million people during its formation. It’s not a personality, IQ, or aptitude test. It’s not a self-help program and it’s not a cult. It’s not Myers Briggs. It’s not the Enneagram.

It identifies 34 strengths, or innate talents, of humans in a specific order.

The genius of the assessment is that it does not identify weaknesses or areas needing improvement. It points to where humans are unique in their make-up based on their innate talents.

From this assessment, I know now that mathematically speaking, the chance of someone else having the same exact strengths report as me is 1 in over 130 billion people. That is more people than have been estimated to have ever been alive. Think about that…

This math is not unique to me. It is the story of every human.

Wouldn’t you like to know what makes you stand out as one in over 130 billion?

For me, this could not be more faith affirming. I believe God has specifically gifted each of us with a purpose for this time and place in history. “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” Jeremiah 1:5. These words are powerful.

Sadly, believers are often some of the most mentally and emotionally spent people. They have such an earnest desire to follow God and do the right thing that they are constantly focusing on where they fall short instead of walking WITH Him.

May I offer you a new perspective?

If you are not moving through the world doing everything in way that honors who you were created to be, the world is missing out on what you are supposed to offer.

Perhaps you are feeling that you are missing out, waiting, and not living the life you could be living, utilizing the gifts that will not just bring you joy and fulfillment, but bring value to the world and glory to God. I felt that way my whole life.

The assessment is just the starting point. Once completed, the choice is yours what you do with that information. It can become just another email to disregard or it can be the beginning of a new approach to life where the patterns of comparison and self sabotage no longer have power over you. Understanding thought patterns which become emotions which become actions is at the heart of it.

The order of strengths on your report is everything. Your top 10 are where you are most energized, creative, influential, and best able to connect with others. Your bottom 5 are the energy drain where you are the least energized, least creative, least influential, and least able to connect with others in a meaningful way. Your bottom 5 are where you go mentally and emotionally when you doubt who you are is going to work.

The assessment is $49. I am not compensated for you to take this assessment. I think it is amazing and I want everyone to know.

Here is the link. Consider it an investment in yourself.

A word of advice: don’t read about this program or the strengths beforehand. Answer each question quickly with your first gut instinct. Don’t consider what you should say or what is the right answer. Don’t consider what you wish you were or were not. The questions will not make sense, so don’t try to rationalize them. If you do not answer right away, the question will disappear.

What I would give to have had this information about myself years ago… I would have understood what it is to trust my intuition. I would not have wasted so much time worrying about what others were doing and how I measured up to them. I could have identified when I had fallen into my bottom 5 where fear and hesitation take charge.

Are you ready to quit wasting time as well? I will share everything I have learned with you. You don’t have to do this alone.

Here is an audio book that is incredibly helpful. It is from a community I joined to help me better understand my report. It is called Unleash Your Strengths. The author (and narrator) is gifted in helping folks understand their original self and how to reconnect to it.

Come along on this journey with me. I can’t wait to hear about your report!

Consider this passage from Ephesians 2:10, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.”

You are loved and you have purpose and you are not alone. Never doubt that.

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