Who You Are is All You Have to Be

Most people want joy in their work. Most people want to bring value to the world. Most people want to be authentically themselves as they move through their lives. Most people want to know they are making a difference and not wasting their time. Most people want time freedom. Most people want out of trading hours for dollars. Most people want to create additional streams of income.

Do these things describe you?

They describe me.

I want all those things and needed those things to accommodate a son who needs to learn virtually, a husband with a full time job, AND a family food truck business.

Enter doTERRA with natural solutions for physical and emotional support. It changed our lives. Read about it here. I now have my own doTERRA business that works around my schedule and is providing income for my family. It is rewarding to serve others and work in the world of natural wellness that has blessed our family so tremendously.

Do you know who can be successful with doTERRA?

You can.

Stop the negative internal dialogue that just began saying, “I’m not a salesperson. I could never do that. I’m not salesy. I have no idea what to do…”

Do you know how you can be successful with doTERRA avoiding all the things that have you shaking your head?

Doing things in a way that honors how you love to do things and what matters most to you.

What does that mean?

It means that no one in the world is like you, has your talent set, your story, or your voice. Doing things your way means you don’t copy me and I don’t copy you.

We learn from others and grow with experience, but you will always need to be you- all the time.

What happens when you are not authentically you?

Things get weird.

The energy changes and people retreat because they see something they don’t recognize, and therefore, cannot trust.

The real question is not, can I be successful with doTERRA, but rather, do I know what MY way is?

Someone had to help me discover my way and it freed me to walk into a world of possibility and opportunity where I was not worried about what others were thinking of me or overwhelmed by the newness. I became energized and my mind flooded with ideas, positivity, and the drive to move forward.

Believe it or not, the starting point of this mental process for me was an assessment that took decades to craft and research with over 2 million people. It shows that mathematically speaking, the chance of someone who has ever lived throughout history having the same exact results as anyone else is 1 out of more than 130 billion. That is more than the estimated number of people who have ever lived.

The concept of everyone being a unique creation of infinite worth just got real, right?

Here’s a link to take the assessment. It is $49. Consider it an investment in yourself. Its benefits will carry over to multiple areas of your life.

I am not paid by Gallup to talk about this assessment, by the way. It is awesome and life-changing and I want everyone to know.

Once you have your report, the real work begins of unlearning inauthentic patterns and reconnecting to your original self. Here is a very helpful audio book to get you started on this journey.

The assessment is significant in working with me because that is the basis upon which we base our efforts and communication.

Being on my team means that I honor your uniqueness and will help you grow into the fullness of what you want- however that looks to you.

Do like natural things? Do like helping people? Do you want time and financial freedom? If so, we need to talk.

Being a part of my team means we respect each other’s talents and work together. I can’t be you and you can’t be me. I want people who want to be themselves and want to do things their way. Our commonality is the desire to serve others by providing support and solutions for health goals and concerns.

Are you ready to create your own opportunity of time and financial freedom in a way that honors your innate strengths? Does this resonate with you?

Let me know and we’ll get started.

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