When you’re ready for a change…

If you are ready for a new way to support your health, $55 will open the door to multi-purpose plant-based alternatives, a wholesale membership of 25% off retail prices, one one one consultations, and a community of like-minded folks also ready for a change.

This introductory set from doTERRA is a combination of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. These three oils are effective by themselves and in combination with each other for a wealth of options when it comes to supporting various body systems and reducing toxic load in the home.

Lemon is the queen of cleansing, both for the body and home. Lemon will remove odors and act as a degreasing agent. Lemon creates a positive and uplifting aroma while cleansing both air and surfaces. Lemon can also promote respiratory function and aid in digestion.

Lavender is not just for a relaxing soak in the tub. Add lavender to your bedding to promote a restful night of sleep. Lavender will also help promote healthy looking hair and nails, as well as, soothe occasional skin irritations. Lavender is useful for promoting feelings of calming and grounding during times of anxious thoughts and relieving of minor pain.

Peppermint is not just for candy. When you open a bottle of peppermint, you will know right away that you have a strong ally on your side. Use peppermint when you need energizing, help with focus, and relieving occasional nausea and heartburn. Peppermint is a natural coolant to the body when feeling overheated, as well as, relieving of head tension or body aches and sore muscles. Peppermint will provide support for feelings of clear airways and easy breathing. On top of all that, peppermint is a natural bug repellent.

When combined together, these three oils provide support against seasonal and environmental threats. And that’s just the beginning! There’s a lot more to learn.

Click this link to get started with your introductory kit.

Once you sign up for your wholesale account, I will contact you for your one on one consultation to provide you with support on your new wellness journey. You will also be added to my team’s private Facebook group and Continuing Education series.

You don’t have to do this alone. Join with me and I will help you get the most out of your new products as you work toward reaching your health goals.

“Mom, is Corona gone?”

“Mom, is Corona gone?”

These sad words were Henry’s first words after opening his eyes when I went to get him up for the day.

We know kids are resilient. We know this won’t last forever. We press forward with the thought that we can endure anything knowing an end is coming.

But this is the perspective of an adult.

Every day is an eternity to Henry. Every day is highlighted by his connection to others. He does not wake up each day to accomplish the tasks on our to-do list. He wakes up each day with the desire to live fully, use his imagination, and spend time with others.

Upon the advent of schools moving to virtual learning, everyone’s to-do list has been altered. It did not affect just the adults needing to go to work and run the necessary errands to govern a household. There is a deeper current at work. Children have had to grieve lost connections and experiences that cannot be regained.

With Henry not being of the age to graduate high school or move off to college, his life does not seem to have changed all that much to me. That is not his experience.

I am guilty of not recognizing and validating Henry’s feelings of loss. His innocent question provided clarity to this sin of omission.

That brief moment in time shifted my paradigm for understanding his experience. I am changed because of it. My to-do list will look different because of it.

We cannot get caught in the trap of just getting through the day.

My boy needs extra time to connect, to snuggle, and to be seen- not simply managed until this crisis is over.

Our challenges make us who we are for what we need to do. I believe there is a design and purpose to our existence and to which time and place in history we are born. There are lessons for us during this time. I don’t want to miss them because I am preoccupied with getting things done.

The price of busy-ness is high- broken connections and missed opportunities.

In a world where we do not know if school will be back to normal anytime soon, or when we will not hesitate to shake a hand or hug a neck, there are some things that will never change. There are things on which we can always count.

This certainty is the legacy I want my children to inherit. I cannot guarantee them what we used to consider a normal childhood with the usual childhood experiences, but they will know their Heavenly Father loves them and is with them through every step, every misstep, every joy, and every disappointment.

In each season of life, each challenge we encounter, and each time we have to rework our to-do list, let’s remember these words from Joshua 1:9:

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

The day I got a certificate at the dentist…

The following is a true story. You can see from the picture above that I received this certificate on April 30, 2018. That was not yesterday. I kept this certificate because I need the reminder and the visual that I am not failing as a a parent.

Where shall I begin in describing exactly what happened on this particular visit? For a child prone to hyperactivity and sensory issues, going to the dentist is a disastrous tale of woe that writes itself.

How about having to lay still while strangers get close to you and ask you questions with their fingers in your mouth? How about the buzzing and whirring and squirting instruments right beside your head and inside your mouth? How about the x-ray machines that get close to your head and even rotate around your head while vibrating and beeping?

There were tears. There were threats. There were visits to the bathroom. There were demonstrations by mom, sister, and office staff. There were rewards promised and taken away. There were collapses on the floor. All shame went out the window. All social awareness went out the window.

There were no x-rays taken this day.

Is there anything more humbling than parenting? Little creatures you love and nurture completely turn on you in the worst possible moments.

Maybe this happened to you? Maybe this is currently happening to you? Take comfort knowing you are not alone. Children have challenged their parents from the very beginning. Sometimes the challenge is intentional to assert their own authority and sometimes the challenge is beyond their control due to developmental and neurological issues exacerbated when life becomes especially frustrating. Sometimes it is a combination.

The struggles do not begin and end at the dentist. The struggles are every day and come at all points during the day. They change with each new stage of life.

Is there anyone in your corner encouraging you? If not, plug me in. I am the sympathetic staff member at the dentist watching you from across the room and smiling to give you strength.

If I knew your address, I would mail you a certificate.

You will be okay. You will get through this. You are not alone. This season of life will not last forever. It will be replaced by another with new challenges. That may be unwelcome news, but it is the truth. We have to tell ourselves the truth. What matters is our outlook, our perspective, and our heart.

The work of parenting is not deemed successful by how current our children are on their dental x-rays.

Does your child know you are not just their rock, but their soft place to fall? Does your child know this world is not all there is? These thoughts and questions help me stay grounded on the tough days.

Let’s consider some words of encouragement from our Heavenly Father:

“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

I’m in! What are my options?

What health issues are most important to you? Do you want more energy? Do you want to get better sleep? Do you want support for an ongoing issue? Do you need emotional support? All of the above?

To be successful, we have to start with knowing 2 things:

What do YOU want? Where do YOU want to be?

I will help you get there.

Now, based on those answers, we find what best suits you for the best value.

The best value are enrollment kits which are grouped by health goal. They come at a below wholesale value along with waiving the $35 wholesale membership fee.

An enrollment kit is the quickest way to overhaul your medicine cabinet and the best value for your money.

Kits are not mandatory, but provide the most options and the best savings. The choice is yours!

So, which set aligns with your goals?

Simple Solutions will get you off to a great start and cover many bases from immune support to sleep to muscle support, etc.

The Simple Solutions kit is $105 wholesale. This grouping provides support for the immune system, emotional well-being, calming, rest, aches and pains, digestive issues, purifying, and cleansing.

Healthy Start includes the top 10 most versatile oils AND a diffuser to address most anything that comes up at home..

The Healthy Start kit is $160 wholesale and comes with the top 10 most versatile oils and a diffuser. The bottles are 5mL which contain 80 drops of oil. This kit will allow you to handle almost any situation that should arise at home.

Healthy Essentials is another top 10 kit and diffuser set but with larger bottles- more than twice the product, but not twice the price.

The Healthy Essentials kit is $249 and comes with a diffuser and 15mL bottles, containing 250 drops of oil, with the exception of Deep Blue which comes in 5mL. That is over twice the product as the Healthy Start kit, but not twice the price! This collection is similar to the Healthy Start kit oils, but with a few exceptions for different oils that support a healthy inflammatory response and mental well-being support.

Healthy Habits provides an overhaul of your nutrition support along with oils that cover a number of issues.

The Healthy Habits kit is $195 wholesale and comes with 5 versatile oils, Lifelong Vitality (supplement trio of whole foods, omega oils, and antioxidant), digestive enzymes, probiotic, and Deep Blue cream for aches/pains.

Healthy Home gets you on track to reducing your toxic load at home with toxin-free personal care products, along with the top 10 most versatile oils & a diffuser.

The Healthy Home kit is $350 wholesale and comes with the top 10 oils, a diffuser, and toxin-free personal care products including shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, cleaner concentrate, hand soap, hand soap dispenser, and sanitizing hand mist.

Natural Solutions is your complete home wellness makeover and the best savings.

The Natural Solutions kit is $560 and provides the most extensive collection of toxin-free personal care issues, the top 10 most versatile oils, and a diffuser.

Will I need anything with my products?

To make your oils last longer, you will want to purchase some roller bottles, fractionated coconut oil for dilution, and a pump top.


If you need help figuring out the best options for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. I will help you find the best products for you at the best price.

Customers have the option to forgo the wholesale account and simply buy retail directly from the website with no discount. This is the most expensive way to buy. WHY PAY MORE?

Do none of these kits resonate with you?

How about this? This beginner’s trio will give you the 3 most versatile oils and a great start to stocking your wellness toolbox. Order HERE.

Want to freestyle and pick your own items? Wholesale memberships are available for $35 and give customers 25% off retail for an entire year to buy as much or as little as they like- no obligations or quotas. Just add to the cart what you want and off we go!

As a team member, you will receive support from me to get the most value from your account (think points and products for free!), support with your health issues and goals, access to the team’s private Facebook group and continuing education at no charge, plus giveaways and more!

Getting a wholesale account does not obligate you to monthly purchases. It is YOUR account. Buy whatever you want whenever you want!

Welcome to the doTERRA community!

Thank You in Advance…

Have you ever heard someone you respect give advice about something you are already doing? Don’t you feel like a champion? What a glorious deja vu!

That happened to me recently when I was reading my pastor’s new book, Questions of the Heart. The book is about sharing God’s message of hope and reconciliation with a hurting and broken world not by leading with what we think we need to say, but stopping to listen to the needs and questions coming from the hearts of others. It is a gentle, humble, and grace-filled approach.

The passage pictured above is the part where I experienced that wonderful aha moment of, “I do that!”

I first started thanking God in advance for answering my prayers after reading a New Testament passage, John 17:20. Jesus is praying and says, “My prayer is not for them [the disciples] alone. My prayer is for those who will believe in me through their message.”

I remember reading that passage as a new Christian at the age of 15 and thinking that Jesus had prayed for me so long ago. I was one of those people He mentioned who would come to believe as a result of the disciples spreading His message. Jesus was thinking about me during that prayer! How about that?

I knew Jesus loved me. I knew Jesus’ death paid the price for my sin, but I never thought about Jesus thinking of me specifically. I always thought of myself as a member of God’s family, one of millions, part of the bigger mosaic of God’s plan- not as an individual that would come to Jesus’ mind.

I love the concept of the bigger picture. When we pray, we are submitting ourselves before God, asking for His blessing, guidance, and provision. Thanking God in advance for the movement of His hands through time and space to interact in our daily lives shows we trust that He is who He says He is.

If God is who He says He is, then everything matters. We are part of a plan for which Jesus prayed over 2000 years ago.

If Jesus thought to pray for those of us who would come to believe in Him in generations to come, doesn’t He also hold us closely in His hand? With a love so tender, does it not make sense to thank Him in advance for how He will conduct circumstances for our greatest good and His greatest glory?

I pray these words will bring comfort to your soul and incline your heart to seek God’s presence in your daily life.

Here is a link to Pastor Kevin’s book.

Having Vision of Possibility…

Every morning, my son loves to check “our little farm” as he calls it. Our little farm consists of two planter boxes. One contains herbs and the other contains a jalapeno plant and a yellow teardrop tomato plant. If he determines something is ready to be picked and enjoyed, in it comes where he will joyfully present to me the offerings of the morning.

After one such exploratory trip to the little farm that sits just outside our sunroom, Henry brought me one small jalapeno and three little tomatoes. Only two tomatoes were ready to be eaten, the other items could have stood a few more days on the vine. That is not what Henry saw. He brought in the morning collection of goods and announced, “Let’s make tomato soup!”

I looked at the meager produce and said, “Henry, we don’t have the ingredients to make tomato soup. We will have to get them at the store the next time we go.” Henry would not be deterred. He pointed at the humble grouping and said, “Sure we do! Let’s make soup with these.”

How incredible to see the world as a ripe opportunity just waiting for activation.

We all have a choice in our vision. What do we choose to see? If we focus on what’s lacking, we live with a scarcity mindset. Whatever we have will never be enough. If we can see the world through a lens of gratitude and possibility, there will always be options.

The mind of a child is an enviable resource with its limitless imagination. I believe it is an imprint of the magnificence of God. A simple glimpse into the beautiful complexity of humanity and the world of nature reveals an endless experience of intention, beauty, and whimsy. It’s captivating.

Have you lost touch with the imaginative part of yourself where logic, time, and space are irrelevant? I know I did. Watching Henry has brought out a desire to reconnect those missing pieces within me. It’s good to dream because nothing new can ever come if we immediately talk ourselves out of it from the get-go.

The Bible talks about how God can do more than we can ask or imagine. I believe God wants us to think big and dream big. It seems only natural as creatures made in His image.

Consider the following verse as you think about having a vision of possibility:

“I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are your works and my soul knows it very well.” Psalm 139:14

Partnering with your physician…

As crazy as this may sound, I feel it worth mentioning that we as individuals are in charge of our own health. We are all dealt our genetic hand, so to speak, but the rest is up to us.

If you are wanting to explore natural options to support your health goals and concerns, don’t be hesitant to speak to your physician. It is not an uncommon thing to want to use more natural products to avoid side effects and potential addictions that come with other available treatments.

I believe the majority of doctors want their patients to be proactive with their health. That has been my experience. You may think it is inappropriate to question a physician’s recommendation. No one wants to disrespect someone we trust and consider an authority. But guess what… You are in charge of your health. Your physician is the consultant you have hired to help guide you. The fact remains that you are the captain of your team.

As Henry’s mother, I am in charge of decisions regarding his health. I choose with whom I partner for guidance. I am not a victim without options. I do not expect any physician to have all the answers. That is not fair to expect of anyone.

I included my children’s regular pediatrician, and also developmental pediatrician in Henry’s case, in all the decisions I made when exploring natural alternatives. In our situation, the prescription medications my son was prescribed created negative side effects for him that adversely impacted the quality of his life. I felt confident there was an alternative that could serve the same purpose, but without the side effects.

For years, I had been living re-actively to the effects of the medications prescribed and I was ready for something different. I felt like I was chasing a runaway train. I wanted to be proactive about finding a better solution to support Henry. I explained my concerns and received full support. I respected the physicians’ opinions and followed their suggestions throughout the process.

In every conversation I had with Henry’s physicians, they welcomed my questions and encouraged the natural solutions I suggested.

It is not advisable to quit any medication cold turkey. This should be self-explanatory, but people do it all the time! I have been guilty of it in the past. Making sudden switches to your body’s chemistry can set off a chain reaction of issues that will probably not be pleasant.

Work with your healthcare provider and follow their suggestions when implementing something new to your self-care routine. The years of education and training your physician has undergone are a tremendous asset. Thoroughly discuss your concerns. The more you learn, the better able to take care of yourself you will be and the better your physician will be able to guide you.

I guarantee you that your physician is rooting for you to be successful. If you are interested to try natural solutions to support your health, don’t be intimidated to ask questions. You have every right to ask questions and consider alternatives. You do it everyday in the decision making realms of shopping, parenting, and work.

It is important to note that many people do not understand the healing and therapeutic properties available from pure essential oils. Most people know of essential oils as home fragrance items or something to make lotion smell good. If you choose to pursue natural options, make sure what you choose is of a therapeutic grade.

DoTERRA is light years beyond home fragrances. There is no lack of research available on their pure plant extracts and the chemical therapeutic properties. DoTERRA leads with their research. They don’t just label their products certified pure, therapeutic grade without the science to back it up completely. Using any other brand that does not publish their testing procedures and results for the world to see is best avoided.

For every doTERRA product, there is a product information page which details the chemical profile, therapeutic properties, and usage of that item. Check out all the information for Copaiba, one of my favorite oils:

For additional reference, check out doTERRA’s science blog and testing procedures from the links below.



If you are interested to know more of my family’s day to day routine since we made the switch to plant-based medicine, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest where I document what it means to pursue a natural lifestyle everyday. If you are ready to start trying natural options for yourself, here is a breakdown of the best way to get started. Don’t be hesitant to reach out today.

How can this be an actual job?

Is there anything worse than a creepy salesperson? No one wants others to feel they are being taken advantage of or being asked to join a pyramid scheme. How about being told there’s an exciting opportunity waiting just for you? Gross.

Most people like the idea of earning money by introducing others to doTERRA, but will say, “But I’m not a salesperson…I love the products, but I don’t want to be a salesperson.” I get that. I feel that way, too. It’s not selling. There is no quota.

Here’s how it works:

Sharing doTERRA is not about chasing people down the street waving oil samples at them. It is about helping others find natural solutions for their health concerns. It is about meeting interested people where they are to help them move further down the road toward their health goals.

When people purchase from doTERRA, they have the option to add the name of the person who referred them to the company. The referring person receives a referral bonus from doTERRA. From there, each time an order is placed, the referring person receives a commission.

It’s that simple. Share doTERRA. Receive a check.

DoTERRA is a company whose culture is built on education and community. I was drawn to this concept because I love learning, natural things, and helping people. My values align with doTERRA, which made it an easy fit for me.

When something is working for you, you will naturally be sharing it with others because you want them to have good results as well. This was my story.

I was having wonderful success using doTERRA products for my children and myself so I told my family and friends about it. Once they tried it, they loved their results and began telling people they knew who could also benefit from using the products. And there you go…

Success with doTERRA stems from a desire to help people. That must be the motivation.

To be eligible to receive income from doTERRA for sharing, wholesale customers must upgrade their account status from Wholesale to Wellness Advocate. This is a quick and free process.

Here are some key points to know:

  • Wellness Advocates do not keep an inventory of products to sell.
  • Wellness Advocates do not handle financial transactions.
  • Wellness Advocates share information and product samples- period.
  • Customers place their own orders directly to doTERRA who then ships the items directly to the customer.

To earn a monthly commission, Wellness Advocates must place a 100pv (product value) order each month. This makes sense. If you love a product enough to share it with others, you are already using it!

The income potential with sharing doTERRA is limitless. There is no cap. Sharing a few hours a week can generate enough income to pay for your products. Sharing 10-15 hours a week can provide supplemental income. Sharing 20+ hours a week can lead to replacing an income. The choice is up to you in terms of how much time and effort you are willing to invest.

DoTERRA is not a get rich quick scheme. On the contrary, it requires commitment to educating yourself and supporting others consistently every week.

The beauty of this option is having the freedom to work as much as you want from wherever you want whenever you want. Time freedom is a tremendous asset. I love working, but because my son’s school placement is not secured year to year, I cannot commit to a position where I have to be at a certain place for a certain amount of hours. For the foreseeable future, I need to have an open schedule. DoTERRA fits this need perfectly.

Having no limit on the income you can generate for yourself leads to financial freedom. You will no longer have to trade hours for dollars.

Becoming a Wellness Advocate and sharing doTERRA builds residual income for a lifetime.

If this intrigues you, reach out to me. I will answer your questions and connect you to resources that will get you started developing this venture in a way that honors your innate talents and desire.

When you have a child that struggles…

What parent has not shepherded their child through a struggle? Every parent is in this group. Preparing children for inevitable challenges while shielding them from unnecessary challenges is non-stop.

The reality I’m discussing here is different. I’m talking about a struggle that becomes the epicenter around which your family revolves. This is not an invitation to compare battle scars. This is an invitation to sit with me and connect at the heart from shared experiences and find encouragement.

In the life of every parent who is entrusted with a special needs child, there comes a moment of realization that can retain its raw nature indefinitely. What you thought your life would be must be mourned liked a death. Is this a new existence without joy or hope? Of course not. It’s the acceptance of a different reality. It is a readjustment of perspective, expectations, and priorities.

I carried guilt for mourning the life I thought my family would have. I carried guilt for being frustrated when my son could not do the things other children his age were doing.

Was it selfish to think about what I wanted and imagined? What about my children? Are not their feelings to be considered above my own? How obnoxious of me to think about how I feel and how my life has changed, right?

Actually, no. It’s not wrong for me to consider my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It’s mandatory.

How can I function to the fullest of what God has planned for me if I cannot even tell myself the truth? Looking in the mirror and being honest can be difficult, but that is my intention with this essay. I want parents to know it is okay to experience and express feelings about their situation.

Allow me to explain how this plays out in the day to day reality of life outside of philosophical meanderings.

When you have a child who is easily overwhelmed by sensory stimuli, you do not go to the zoo or museums- even on special needs day. You only go out to eat when you know there will be minimal people around. Family and social gatherings are cut short to avoid disruption to the schedule. Parents must divide and conquer if other siblings are involved so as not to have them left out of the various experiences of life. Invitations to birthday parties and play dates will most likely be turned down until very few, if any, invitations come at all.

There can be terrible isolation in this sphere.

For years, I pressed ahead thinking that I could outsmart the atypical neurological wiring of my son’s brain- if only I could make sure he got enough rest, ate the right foods, had enough movement prior to an event…THEN, our normal life could begin.

This is an exhausting hamster wheel on which to sprint. The adrenaline will only carry you so far.

I gave up trying to muscle through. I gave up trying to make things work. I didn’t even want to try to assimilate. My world become very small.

Cocooning seems easier- like the path of least resistance, but the price is higher.

Relationships fall to the wayside. A self-centered existence sets in to the point that including others becomes a chore. Any variation to the grooves and trenches of home life requires too much effort.

Surrender calls to the exhausted parent, but it’s a lie.

Surrender is not when you can exhale. Surrender is when you give away your power.

Challenges in life come in all forms, many of which we do not see coming. We know in our logical mind that no day is guaranteed and no circumstance is guaranteed. A rational person should expect diversions. So, when we are forced to step into unknown territory not of our choosing, why does it feel so unexpected? We feel displaced- like we lost our way or took a wrong turn while not paying attention.

When you are in an unknown world, you look for direction from signs and experts who are supposed to know. Logic would dictate that the more experts you talk to and information you gather, the more prepared you will be. The plan will be that much more solidified.

Here’s the rub- experts don’t always agree. And then you feel more lost than ever.

When it became apparent that my son was not going to follow the typical development pattern, we began searching for answers from any expert that would call us back, respond to an email, or allow us to make an appointment. We heard everything from, “He’ll be just fine; he’s on his own timeline”, to “His case is so severe that he may never speak.” We were even told, “We think there’s something there, we just don’t have the technology to see it yet. We may have an answer for you in another five years.” He was scanned, probed, tested, assessed, and given protocol after protocol.

I kept every piece of paper from every appointment or therapy session Henry has ever had- they turned into precious clues that would be examined time and again with the entry of a new specialist or therapist.

I began doing what I knew to do- research and pray. I researched genetic disorders, dietary implications, and that elusive and slippery diagnoses, development delay.

I prayed that Henry would be able to grow and learn.

I prayed for the right people with the right answers to come into our lives.

I prayed for the patience and wisdom to know how to be the right mother for Henry.

I prayed that my marriage would not fall apart while I focused so much time and energy on one child.

I prayed that my daughter would not feel neglected or forgotten in the shadows of her brother’s challenges.

Answers did come from our team of experts, but what I had not realized was the hard truth that the answer right now may not be the answer forever. There may never be one big, final answer or explanation- just guide posts along the path. That is a tough and bitter lesson to accept.

The tension in the air of always wondering how long something will last until we have to search out the next “thing” weighs heavy. The unintended consequence is the unsettled nature that overwhelms daily life.

We saw this play out again and again when our latest “thing” would plateau or become ineffective altogether.

So, what do I tell myself? I have no other choice but to go outside myself. I connect to a source of wisdom and grace and providence that is eternal.

I have learned that discomfort is not something to be despised. Discomfort can become our teacher.

We aren’t supposed to feel at home in this world. Our real home is elsewhere, beyond the brokenness, exhaustion, and despair.

When I sense fear lingering in the peripheral shadows, I am forced to remember that the difficult times point me to a future that will never end. Until that new existence is realized, I rely on God’s promises to help make me the person I am supposed to be for eternity.

Take heart, parents, you are not alone. Our challenges refine us and serve as confirmation that this current world is not all there is.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

Grown-Ups are missing out…

The Kids Oil Collection is cute with colorful labels adorned with instructional graphics for children to understand the various usages. It is not something an adult would see and think would be intended for them.

With all that said, I love the Kids Collection for myself. Grown-ups are missing out in bypassing these products for their daily mind and body support. So, why would an adult want to use something designed for children?

For those who are unfamiliar with these blends, the Kids Oil Collection is simply the top oil blends from doTERRA such as Deep Blue, Balance, Serenity, In Tune, etc. reformulated to not contain any hot (think dilution required) oils to avoid skin sensitivity issues. Best practices with essential oils require dilution with certain oils for children or those with sensitive skin.

The Kids Oil Collection has done that for you- no hot oils and pre-diluted. They come in 10mL roller bottles, so they are literally ready to roll on and convenient for purse, suitcase, briefcase, backpack, etc. When using essential oils to support the physical and emotional health of children, worrying about dilution ratios and making separate roller bottles can become a cumbersome affair. Not anymore!

When this collection was released, I bought a few for Henry and was pleased with the results. I was under the impression they were weaker than the other oil blends which made them perfect for children, but not suitable for adults. Not so!

Let me introduce you to the line-up.

Thinker is the focus blend, which is the counterpart to the In Tune focus blend. In Tune has a rich and spicy aroma while Thinker provides the same support in a lighter, minty form with Vetiver, Peppermint, Clementine, and Rosemary. Some people prefer Thinker over In Tune simple because of smell preferences.

For digestive support, use Tamer. Instead of DigestZen with its Fennel aroma, go with Tamer which has a powerful combination of Spearmint, Peppermint, and Ginger which provide quick and soothing relief for all things digestive.

Instead of Balance, there is Steady. These two are the grounding blends for times of stress and anxious thoughts. Balance is a universal crowd-pleaser. Steady has a similar aroma with tree oils, Coriander, and Magnolia, and is just as effective.

For support with calming the mind for sleep, Calmer delivers. Serenity is a dreamy blend, but Calmer is a milder version still containing the soothing superstars Lavender and Roman Chamomile, among others. Apply 3o minutes before lights out and enjoy!

Instead of Deep Blue for aches and pains, there is Rescuer. Deep Blue is a powerhouse blend that is highly aromatic. Rescuer tones it down with Copaiba, Lavender, and Spearmint which is a lighter aroma with just as strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Instead of On Guard, go with Stronger. For some folks, the Clove in On Guard is too strong of a smell. Stronger provides the same immune support with the more subtle aroma of Cedarwood, Litsea, Frankincense, and Rose. I use Stronger as my daily perfume.

Brave, the courage blend, is a gem- a stand alone oil blend for emotional support. The combination of citrus, florals, and just a hint of cinnamon provide a pleasant, uplifting aroma that promotes positivity and calm. Many people use Brave as a perfume.

Another thought to consider is that some of doTERRA’s most popular blends, such as Balance and Serenity, do not come in pre-diluted roller bottles. The Kids Collection fills that need for convenience and portability, all the while, covering the bases for both mind and body support for children and adults alike.

Reach out for more information and to purchase. It is my pleasure to provide you with support as you begin your wellness journey.

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