A Promise in a Time of Uncertainty…

Today is my last day to work at my daughter’s school. I love working there, but my life has been called in a new direction. My husband and I are committing ourselves to our bbq food truck business in a full time capacity. My son will be learning 100% virtually this fall. There is a lot of change for me in this season.

Change is thick in the air these days. Can you feel it, too? This past year has brought changes for many- changes in jobs, relationships, finances, health… Where do you fit in this picture? The changes in my life fit into each one of the above categories.

Transitions can open the door to anxiety, fear, and hesitation. Transitions in life can also usher in excitement, expectation, and the thrill of a new adventure. I have found that my response to changes in life is directly tied to the degree in which I am walking in light of promises made generations ago.

I have learned that my response to the unexpected is actually pre-determined each day when I reaffirm the decision to trust God’s promises of protection, provision, and guidance. The Bible instructs us from cover to cover to not be afraid and to know that He is with us. Think about that. Why would we need so many reminders about that? While it may seem obvious to some, I need those daily reminders. We cannot forget that the Bible also teaches us that the enemy comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy.

For years, I allowed fear and anxiety to overwhelm my thoughts and emotions. This is topic I know well. Fear of the unknown began early in my childhood and took root. In the face of uncertainty, I would surrender to fear and the consequences took their toll on my physical health. When I speak about the chronic digestive issues from which doTERRA products are providing healing and relief, I am speaking about how I allowed fear and anxiety to destroy me literally from the inside out. Living in that state has numbered days, my friends. It brings destruction.

Fear is a powerful tool of the enemy. If we are paralyzed in fear, we are not moving forward on the path God has for us. Often times, we are trapped in fear and don’t even realize it. Telling ourselves the truth about being afraid is difficult. It means admitting we need help and feel powerless.

When deviations arrive on our path, we can respond with, “This is not what I wanted. I am unhappy and afraid.” Or, we can respond with, “This is not how I thought my life would be at this stage. There is a new part of my life beginning now and this expected event/piece of news is the threshold over which I must cross to the new chapter. I choose to move forward in faith. I choose to believe God’s promises to me.”

This is the lesson I received after taking back my power. When my physical health crumbled and I could not care for my family as I needed, I made the decision to refuse to allow fear of changing circumstances to dictate the course of my emotional health, my spiritual health, and my physical health any longer.

The above cross is a gift from a friend that I removed from my desk to come home with me. It is sitting on the console in my car and I like it there. It is a visual meditation of from where I want my thoughts, actions, and motivations to come.

As I complete my last day of work today and begin my new chapter, I am choosing to move forward in faith and gratitude. The days of allowing myself to be a victim of unnecessary fear are over. I hope hearing my experience has provided some light and comfort for your path today knowing we are never alone.

Allow me to encourage you with these words:

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

My Favorite Things…

Balance was my first love in the doTERRA world. I had purchased it for Henry for its calming and grounding properties, but kept it for myself! The combination of tree oils provides emotional support for the day without making you drowsy. Balance is also very effective for nighttime use before bed. This blend is a diffuser’s dream come true. Topical usage on pulse points and the bottoms of the toes provides maximum benefit.

Clary Calm is queen of the castle for me. There are a lot of things I can do without, but Clary Calm is not one of them. This is a twice daily usage product for me. I apply it to my wrists and ankles in the morning and evening. The hormone support provided in this blend of floral oils is calming to the emotions and provides support for female-related issues.

Copaiba softgels are my second favorite doTERRA product. I take two softgels every morning. Copaiba is incredibly high in anti-inflammatory properties and is useful across all body systems from sore muscles to support for anxious thoughts.

PB Assist is the adult probiotic. If you have taken probiotics before, you know they are not all created equal. You know you have something of quality after taking PB Assist for a week. Enough said on that…

Lifelong Vitality has secured its place in my Hall of Fame, but not without effort. I despise taking pills. Because of my prior chronic digestive issues, I would have trouble with any type of medication or vitamins I ever tried to take which explains my resistance to even trying LLV. The main benefits provided include support for pain and inflammation, digestive issues, reduced cravings, improved sleep, and increased energy. This product has delivered on all fronts for me. When you go a day or so without taking it, you will feel it!

Honorable mentions: The Kids Oil Collection. It may seem strange to include the Kids line seeing as I am an adult, but every oil blend in the Kids Collection is highly effective for people of any age. The differentiating factor is that all “hot” oils have been removed from the blends and replaced with oils that have similar healing properties without any risk of skin sensitivity issues as can be the case with children. Of particular note are Stronger and Braver. Their names are not an overstatement. Both blends provide wonderful emotional support for anxious thoughts in times of uncertainty.

Mind and body support are a journey worth every ounce of effort. Being patient with yourself, your body, and the process can yield rewarding results. Let me help you get started finding your favorites!

The Basics…

Congratulations on making the choice to pursue natural solutions for your health and your home. Double congratulations on choosing doTERRA, a reputable company that is known for purity, potency, and responsible sourcing. When you purchase doTERRA products, you are supporting a company that cares not just for its customers, but the farmers and communities from which these precious resources come.

DoTERRA stands out from other companies in that their oils go through eight levels of testing, including third party testing, to ensure there are no contaminants or adulteration. This attention to purity allows for the oils to be safely used on people of all ages and even including pets. The CPTG rating stands for “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade”. This is a category doTERRA created for itself because no existing categories covered the amount of testing doTERRA conducts. In this way, they are the leading natural health care company in the world.

DoTERRA’s oils are incredibly potent. One drop of Peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea. All it takes is one drop to know the difference. The oils contain chemical constituents that are supportive of all body systems and are an excellent way to be proactive with your health. The good news is that there are numerous options for whatever health goals and concerns you want to address.

DoTERRA oils are also a very affordable way to care for the health goals and concerns of you and your family. A 15mL bottle contains 250 drops of oil and a 5mL bottle of oil contains 80 drops of oil. Purchasing a bottle of oil is an investment in your health that will last! At just pennies per drop, doTERRA oils are more affordable than most medications.

DoTERRA oils may be used aromatically from a diffuser or simply breathed in from cupped hands below the eyes. They can also be used topically, meaning directly applied to the skin. Combining a doTERRA oil with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil will protect from any skin sensitivity issues, as well as, suspend the oil molecules to stay active on the skin for longer. Oils may be applied to the area of concern, such as an insect bite or sore joints, or to specific reflexology points corresponding to the body system of concern. Finally, doTERRA oils are safe for internal usage whether sublingual, in veggie caps, or taken as doTERRA softgels and supplements. The oils safe for internal usage contain a food label on the side of the bottle. Oils not containing this specific label are recommended for topical and aromatic usage only.

In addition to providing safe and natural healthcare options to the world, doTERRA supports a number of charities throughout the world through the Healing Hands Foundation. The various organizations supported by doTERRA involve anti-human trafficking, disaster relief, health initiatives, micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries, and various community projects. When processing an order, customers have the option to donate $1 to the Healing Hands Foundation and thereby partner with doTERRA in the good work they are supporting around the world.

Another benefit of purchasing from doTERRA involves the Co-Impact sourcing business model. DoTERRA oils are sourced from over 45 countries. Please click here to enjoy videos profiling from where all these precious oils are sourced and to learn the story behind each bottle of oil.

Beginning a wellness lifestyle can be overwhelming. It often seems confusing and difficult to know where to start. Reach out today with your concerns and goals. Together, we will make a plan. There is no need to feel alone. When you join my team, you join a supportive community of people who love natural living and walking this road with friends. I look forward to hearing from you.

Why the Name?

It took me almost a year to receive the name for my business. Yes, that long.  I say I received it because it was a gift. I had spent hours looking up different Latin words, playing with different concepts, but I was dissatisfied with every idea.  I knew what I wanted but wasn’t sure how to say it. Words are important.  Words can bring life or destruction. The right words mean everything.   

Despite my frustration and impatience with myself, one lesson kept returning to me.  I didn’t know the answer yet because I was not supposed to know the answer yet.  I was not yet who I needed to be for this part of my life to move forward.  I always trust there is a plan.  So, I waited.  I prayed.  Then one day, it came to me.  I was staring at a list of words and fighting back the aggravation when the answer appeared in my mind. I had my name and it aligned with exactly what I wanted to do. Gratitude overflowed in my heart. 

There are two concepts at play: oils and life.   

Let’s start with the oils. Essential oils are plant-based natural medicine useful for physical and emotional support. They have been used for medicinal and religious purposes for generations upon generations.  Psalm 23 says, “You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.”  Oil is a special thing.  Even if just used for cooking, a little bit will go a long way in making a big impact. 

“Oils for life” means oils support quality of life and a renewal of health,  

“Oils for life” also means commitment.  I am committed to health and things that are life-giving and renewing. 

“With Blair” is an invitation. Let’s do this together.  We are all on a journey, but we don’t have to walk alone.  We all have challenges.  We all need help.  We can be a soft place to rest for each other. 

I want people to feel safe with me.  I want people to know I recognize their value.  I want people to leave their time with me feeling loved. Oils for Life with Blair is a signpost on life’s path pointing to healing and encouraging fellow travelers to keep moving forward because good things lay ahead.  Everything I add to this website and blog come with those intentions. 

The foundation for Oils for Life with Blair is gratitude.  God has gifted humanity with not just the means to support physical health, but emotional and spiritual as well.  Plants are a gift.  Human connection is a gift.  Technology is a gift. Education is a gift.  I am grateful for these gifts and I am grateful for you spending time with me here. 

Meditate on this thought: 

“I life up my eyes to the hills- where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1-2 

The Pursuit of Natural Solutions Begins…

 I come from DIY-ers, before anyone called it that.  Gardening, canning vegetables, dairy farming, natural home remedies for all things- these are the roots of my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents…  My great-grandmother was at one time the town medicine woman because there was not a local physician. You may have a similar story.  Once upon a time and not that long ago, it was the norm for folks to grow their own food, preserve their food and look to nature for their medicine.   Many cultures around the world still live in this fashion today.

I first dedicated myself to pursuing natural living when my daughter was just a few months old when various skin sensitivity issues began appearing.  We tried over the counter medications, specialty creams, etc.  Her pediatrician gave us many prescriptions to alleviate the various symptoms.  At one point, I was using six different medications to treat the various issues before my daughter was even a year old.  I became concerned about the long-term effects of using so much medication with her because the issues were not going away, only somewhat being held at bay. I knew there had to be a better way to help her. We cleaned up our eating and our personal care and cleaning products which yielded encouraging improvement. Any progress is progress!

When my son was six months old, his development began to take an abnormal turn. Over the following years, one new challenge after another presented itself. His future development and ability to speak, move, and learn were called into question. This stage of life ushered in the specialists, the therapists, and the medications. Figuring out how to help him became my full time job. We once again revisited diet and household toxin load- narrowing down to the cleanest of the clean and purest of the pure. I could not explain why he was not developing properly and neither could anyone else. What I could do was control his environment, his food, and his knowing he was loved and accepted. No matter what his future held or did not hold, I was committed that he would be treasured and taken care of to the best of my ability.

My son’s struggles were not kept private. We openly shared with anyone who would listen and offer prayers for him. We had so many specialist appointments and people following the journey that my husband started a Facebook group to help people stay up to date. This gift of community provided support to us beyond what we could measure. It was through this gift of community that doTERRA came into our lives. A friend shared with me some essential oils that were helping her daughter. I could not believe there existed a natural product available of which I was unaware. I considered myself an expert by this time in what was available in terms of clean eating and living. Plant-based medicine was the perfect fit for where we were at this point. We had been on the treadmill of prescription medication type, dosage levels, timing of dosages, and mitigating the side effects for years with terrible results. My son was receiving a variety of therapies for his multiple gross and fine motor issues, but needed additional support for his hyperactivity, sensory processing issues, and social awareness . Beyond that, he was old enough to know he was different and had developed a negative self-image. We needed a new plan.

When we tried our first essential oil, I noticed zero difference. So I tried another. Then another. Then another- which finally worked. And it didn’t just work, it created a different reality for us. I saw calm and control and improved speech. I received a glimpse of a future where each day did not have to be such a struggle. I did not understand the science at the time of chemical constituents found in plants that could provide calming support to the central nervous system, among multiple other benefits. This is what we had been looking for. I also noticed that when I handled the products to apply them to my son, I enjoyed the smell and I felt better. I wondered if one oil blend could work this powerfully, then what could the others do? Or the vitamins? Or the probiotics?

The story writes itself from there. DoTERRA products are part of our everyday lives- my whole family. We are still on a road with many challenges, but I am grateful to have resources at the ready to support the process.

Please know that we are not anti-modern medicine in the least! Physicians, nurses, therapists, and hospitals are a blessing to our world. God has placed key people in our path who had the medical and therapeutic training to support Henry in his journey. The key lesson we have learned is that the battle is won in the little things. I believe we are in charge of our health and must be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to quality of life. Every one of us has the opportunity everyday in the large and small choices we make to nourish our health. The intelligence and healing properties that God placed in His creation are available to us should we choose to use them. What a blessing!

This is not the end of our story, of course. And it’s not the end of yours either! Thank goodness for that. There is so much more good yet to come.

Allow me to leave you with this thought…

“God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good.” Genesis 1:31

“All right, then…”

My sister and I were enjoying a visit when she surprised me by saying, “You say that all the time!”  I had no idea what she was talking about.  What had I just said?  I suppose the confusion on my face prompted her to explain.  

She stated, “’All right, then.’  You say that all the time.” 

Do I? 

Has that happened to you?  Has someone mirrored something to you that you had no clue about?  How much of our lives are lived not being mindful?  What else am I doing of which I am not aware? 

I want my life to matter.   I want my words to matter.  I know I am here for a purpose and I want how I move through this world to bring forth life, always a steady presence pointing to God in my actions and words. 

Is “all right, then” a bad thing to say?  Of course not.  But it’s not mindful either if uttered in the blank spaces of time from an unfocused mind and heart. 

Let’s use our time here with intention set by a focused heart and mind.  I will leave you with this scripture for reflection. 

“May the words of my mouth and meditations of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and Redeemer.” Psalm 19:14 

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