Bundle and Save on Natural Gifts

When you find something good, don’t you want to share it with everyone? Gifting natural, safe, and effective personal care products is even more affordable when you take advantage of bundled specials. Mix and match the items to create fun surprises. Luxury should not be lacking for you or anyone else and does not haveContinue reading “Bundle and Save on Natural Gifts”

Natural Body Care Gifts Under $10

We could all use some pampering these days. For many, the majority of our experiences this year were and for the coming months will be contained to the home. That doesn’t mean luxury should be lacking for you or anyone else. There are countless choices for body care products, but why give someone something fullContinue reading “Natural Body Care Gifts Under $10”

Targeted Support at a Savings

Don’t you love when a company comes out with things that show they have some sense? That they are actually paying attention to what their customers want and need AND what will provide the most value? Friends, there is a new way to save $$$ on products that support immunity, relief, and mind & moodContinue reading “Targeted Support at a Savings”

Keeping it Simple with Simple Solutions…

Plant-based health options are safe, effective, and affordable. The Simple Solutions starter set covers the main bases of health support and reducing toxic load in the home. With 250 drops per bottle, your $105 investment will provide you with a multitude of uses both personally and for your home. Lemon is the top selling oilContinue reading “Keeping it Simple with Simple Solutions…”

When you’re ready for a change…

If you are ready for a new way to support your health, $55 will open the door to multi-purpose plant-based alternatives, a wholesale membership of 25% off retail prices, one one one consultations, and a community of like-minded folks also ready for a change. This introductory set from doTERRA is a combination of Lemon, Lavender,Continue reading “When you’re ready for a change…”

I’m in! What are my options?

What health issues are most important to you? Do you want more energy? Do you want to get better sleep? Do you want support for an ongoing issue? Do you need emotional support? All of the above? To be successful, we have to start with knowing 2 things: What do YOU want? Where do YOUContinue reading “I’m in! What are my options?”

Partnering with your physician…

As crazy as this may sound, I feel it worth mentioning that we as individuals are in charge of our own health. We are all dealt our genetic hand, so to speak, but the rest is up to us. If you are wanting to explore natural options to support your health goals and concerns, don’tContinue reading “Partnering with your physician…”

How can this be an actual job?

Is there anything worse than a creepy salesperson? No one wants others to feel they are being taken advantage of or being asked to join a pyramid scheme. How about being told there’s an exciting opportunity waiting just for you? Gross. Most people like the idea of earning money by introducing others to doTERRA, butContinue reading “How can this be an actual job?”

A Promise in a Time of Uncertainty…

Today is my last day to work at my daughter’s school. I love working there, but my life has been called in a new direction. My husband and I are committing ourselves to our bbq food truck business in a full time capacity. My son will be learning 100% virtually this fall. There is aContinue reading “A Promise in a Time of Uncertainty…”

My Favorite Things…

Balance was my first love in the doTERRA world. I had purchased it for Henry for its calming and grounding properties, but kept it for myself! The combination of tree oils provides emotional support for the day without making you drowsy. Balance is also very effective for nighttime use before bed. This blend is aContinue reading “My Favorite Things…”